Top Fitness Trends Of 2018

Top Fitness Trends Of 2018


Every year there is a new crop of fitness trends and this year is no different! People will get their sweat on any way they can. The more interesting and fun it is, the easier the workout is. Factor in all the celebrities, personal trainers, gyms and influencers ranting and raving about the latest and greatest high-intensity workouts, latest workout equipment and fitness snakes and you’ve got the motivation you need to try a new workout. Working out is going to be hard regardless of what you do, but why not have some fun doing it, right? Here are some of the top fitness trends of 2018 you might want to try out if you’re ready to up your fitness:

  1. The WOD

You might be familiar with the term “WOD,” which stands for “workout for the day,” but Third Space Gym in London created The WOD, which takes HIIT training to the next level. The core of their workout is AMRAPs (which stands for As Many Rounds As Possible) and EMOMs (Every Minute On The Minute). The classes only have three pieces of gear, including kettle-bells, dumbbells and a jump rope. The workout is pretty intense, but makes HIIT so much more interesting.


  1. The VersaClimber

The name alone sounds serious and this new gym machine is just that! The VersaClimber engages all your major muscle groups in one single climbing motion that mimics your natural climbing movement. But even though it sounds tough, it’s actually a low-impact cardio machine that’s great for those who can’t use a bike or treadmill. It’s basically like a static climbing wall that really gives you a great workout! There are even group classes that help make the machine’s workout so much tougher.


  1. Trampolining

Think trampolines are just for kids? Think again because it’s the latest craze in fitness. Many trampoline parks are offering fitness classes for those looking to get in some good cardio and have fun at the same time. Jumping not only helps with cardio, but also improves endurance, strength, balance, coordination, and is fun. It’s a great way to get in a good workout when you’re bored of the same things at the gym.


  1. Cryotherapy and Infrared Saunas

Passive recovery is becoming very popular this year and many are looking to Cryotherapy and Infrared Saunas for help. If you want to get stronger and leaner, you’ll have to put in some special care and recovery. That’s where Cryotherapy helps. It makes your body super cold for a few minutes to rehabilitate your muscles. It decreases cell growth, pain and inflammation while increasing cell survival. Many spas offer this new form of technology. Infrared Saunas features steam that produces infrared heat that your skin’s surface absorbs. These infrared rays penetrate your skin’s tissue to heat up your body form the inside out. So a 40-minute session can essentially burn up to 600 calories – all without doing much!

fitness and cryotherapy


  1. LIIT

LIIT (low-intensity exercise training) is the opposite of HIIT and perfect for those who can’t make it through HIIT sessions. This sort of exercise involves similar workouts as HIIT, but at a much slower pace and has longer resting periods in between each of the class’ circuits. But you’ll still burn fat during the resting state and reduce your cortisol levels.


  1. Piloxing

What do you get when you mix boxing and Pilates? Piloxing! It’s a combo of the two workouts, offering a fun and innovative way to get fit. You’ll get stronger and leaner in no time. Plus, the moves look like they’re easy, but are super hard once you do them.


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