LeBron James Plays A Game Of HORSE At VENICE BEACH!

Anyone that has ever touched a basketball has either played PIG or HORSE!  That’s just as common as it gets when it comes to the game of basketball.  But how many of you can say you played against the BEST basketball player in the world?!  Well that’s what “Horse-Shark” David Kalb did at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California.  Some how this guy must have all the tricks in the world to be able to make this game happen, at least that’s what it would seem.  You just can’t pull out the old “opposite hand” layup shot against a LeBron James, because that’s not going to cut it!

Take a look at this video of the two and see how it all went down in Venice!  Last time we’ve seen this kind of competition, Billy Hoyle was telling Sydney Dean he wasn’t Irish.

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