DRAKE – “In My Feelings”

WELP! THE WAIT IS OVER!! Drake has finally come through with the Official Video for “In My Feelings” and we must say…. WE LOVE IT!  Several cameos were made by well known names but the one that everyone was waiting to see of course, was Shiggy himself.  You know, the Instagram Comedian from New York who created the “Do The Shiggy” Challenge that has put the entire internet into a frenzy!  Shiggy got a great assist from New York Giants’ superstar, Odell Beckham Jr. who initially got the ball rolling and then after that, it was a snowball effect.

(Side Note) Check out this much anticipated visual and see if you possibly made the cut as well!  You never know, you may see yourself -in your feelings!  Kiki, love that man already please!!

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