Everyone understands that engaging in physical activities regularly have a positive impact on our health. Apart from ensuring we live healthier, engaging in physical activities greatly improves our chances of living longer. Well, if you think you are in good shape or you don’t think exercise is for you, you are wrong. Everyone irrespective of their physical condition will benefit from engaging in physical activities. There are a handful of reasons beyond the obvious to stay fit, get in shape and imminently remain healthy and in this post, I will share with you some short, sweet and really impressive ways exercise can help keep you healthy in perfect shape.



Exercise reduces the blood pressure

One of the most common and very severe heart diseases is hypertension. Now, hypertension can be caused when there is an increase in the plaques in the arteries as a result of consuming diets that have too many fats. Engaging in physical exercise will help reduce the blood pressure by preventing those plaques from building up and widening the arteries while at it. Once the arteries are widened, the blood flow with ease and the blood pressure caused as a result of the tinny passage in the arteries reduces. Also, when one engages in physical exercise, the heart muscles get healthier and healthy heart pumps blood faster and reduces the blood pressure.

Strengthens the immune system

Engaging in physical exercise regularly boosts the body’s immune system. We all know the roles the immune system plays in maintaining a healthy response to attacks. Recently, there have been talks about immune senescence, a phenomenal which occur as a result of aging; where the immune system begins to grow weaker as a result of aging. Constant exercise will not only keep the immune system strong despite aging, but it will also reverse the effects of immune senescence.

Strengthens the bones

The loss of the bones’ minerals and strength is another defect that occurs due to aging. The bones get weaker and thinner as we grow old and as a result, it can use all the help it can get to stay healthy. Though there are a handful of drugs and pills that will help maintain the bones all experts will tell you that exercise is the key to maintaining a strong and healthy bone. All you need is about an hour every week to regain the full strength of the bone.

Boosts Energy

When you engage in physical exercise regularly, the body functions efficiently and there is enough oxygen in the body to fuel all the cells, you enjoy a stress-free and pain-free day with enough strength to go about your day.

Makes you more productive

There is a common misconception that cutting back on working hours to find time for exercise is a waste of time and make you do less work, but in reality, it is wrong. Engaging in exercise makes you sharper and improves your productivity and quality of your work.

Help sleep better

When you constantly engage in physical exercise, the body finds a circadian rhythm, which keeps it in tune. I am certain I don’t have to mention all the positives you stand to enjoy from being able to sleep well. It lowers the risk of contracting a handful of diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, and cognitive impairment.


Reduces anxiety

Constantly exercising to a very significant extent has an effect on your level of stress and anxiety. As you go about your day, your level of endorphins rises and falls. If you are one that constantly engages in physical exercise, you will redirect your attention away from daily problems and focus on working out and staying positive.

Improves mood

One thing I would like you to know is that people who exercise regularly have a lower risk of depression. Not only does exercising regularly boost your mood, but it will also improve your mental health.

Boosts memory

Constant exercise has been proven not only to keep the physical body system at the ultimate level, but it also helps keep the neurons in the most perfect shape. Even a light exercise such as moderate walking will help ensure that the brain’s memory center and the hippocampus are healthy.

It improves sex life

By ensuring your muscles are active through constantly exercising, it’ll help ensure that the endocrine glands produces more hormones. Also, when you have more muscle mass, the body produces more androgen’s which help maintain sexual functionality for both male and female alike. Exercise also increases male arousal and reduces erectile dysfunction in male.

Protects the eyes

A research that was conducted a few years ago shows that the risk of glaucoma, which may result in loss of vision, can be greatly decreased through engaging in physical exercise.


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