10 Reasons Why Your Child Should Play Sports

If your child is approaching the age to play sports, particularly team sports such as baseball, soccer, or basketball, you should consider encouraging them to play. There are good reasons why participating in sports helps with the physical and mental development of children while also allowing for maturing and respecting others.

children playing sports

Here are 10 REASONS why participating in sports is healthy for your child and why it will help them in school and in everyday life.


Bolsters Self-Esteem

While arguments can be made about the importance of self-esteem, it is true that accomplishments in sports can boost their confidence. This is because they can see the hard work paying off which helps them to overcome other challenges in life. Self-esteem that is improved through accomplishment means that they can carry that life experience over to other aspects of their life.

Provides Physical Activity

The most obvious benefit is that your child will get the physical activity needed for their bodies to properly grow and mature by playing sports. Combined with good eating habits, your child will become stronger, more agile, and develop strong muscles which in turn reduces the chances they will become obese. It is true that no matter the sport, your child will be at risk for injury, but in most sports the risk is minimal and far outweighed by the benefits.

children playing sports

Improves Social Skills

In teams sports, communication is the heart of achievement. By participating, your child will learn about proper social skills as they communicate with their fellow players and coaches. Their social skills will improve through understanding instruction, the repetition of practice, and working with their teammates to maximize their efforts on the field or court. As they learn, their social skills will improve considerably and translate into other areas as well.

Pushes Through Adversity

Perhaps the greatest benefit that playing sports provides for children is the understanding that you have to push through adversity. Of all the talents the human race has developed, persistence is arguably the most beneficial. Talent, intelligence, and education will only take you as far as your persistence allows. Sports teaches children the value of persistence as they press ahead with practice and face challenges that must be overcome.

Keeps Children Busy

While this may not seem all that important at first, keeping your child busy with their commitment to playing sports provides a healthy way to spend their time. Instead of watching TV, surfing aimlessly around the internet, or not doing anything at all, your child will instead have their days filled with playing on a team that provides focus, alertness, and a greater sense of accomplishment. At the very least, they will have less time to get into trouble.

Reduces Stress

The natural release of exercise and sports provides an effective method for reducing stress and anxiety. All the worries and concerns of the day slip away as their minds focus on the tasks that are part of being on a team. Plus, the comradery of being with their fellow players means that they have a support system in place. Sports is a sanctuary from the struggles of their daily lives, a way to release the anxiety that builds from within and use it in a healthy, productive manner.

Improves Competitive Spirit

While some may view competitiveness as a weakness, the truth is that everyone has to compete for something virtually on a daily basis. From getting accepted into college to landing a job to getting what you want out of life, being competitive is a necessity. So, the better you are at understanding how competitiveness works, the more likely you are to be satisfied with where you are at in life. Sports teaches those who participate the value of the competitive spirit and how it can be translated to things you do on a daily basis. For children, this is an invaluable tool that reaps big rewards all through their lives.  If your child is leaning towards the sport of basketball, check out the article How To Get Better At Dribbling A Basketball.  It will walk them through some key strategies that they can apply to their game.

Creates Leadership Skills

For those who are natural leaders, participation in team sports is a must. It helps them harness their natural abilities and use them in a positive way. Even for children who may not have natural leadership abilities, they can certainly learn what it takes to lead others when participating in team sports, both by observation and by example. It is the type of leadership skills that will come in handy in many walks of life, so having them at the ready is one of the best aspects of playing sports in which they will benefit.

children playing sports

Great Fun

Win or lose, being on a team provides your child with an exceptional amount of fun and enjoyment. They are playing together in a common effort which adds to the fun and enjoyment. Whether they win the big game or come away without a victory, the shared effort makes for a great deal of fun and certainly something to talk about the next day at school. Plus, they will learn a few lessons along the way that will come in handy in their future endeavors.

Wonderful Memories

Lives are built on the memories that are created. By playing on a sports team, you provide your child with the chance to build their memories based on the experiences they have with friends playing on the same team. The triumphs and struggles of the season will all form cherished memories that your child will have with them for the rest of their lives. It also helps remind them of where they were at and where they might be when applying the lessons learned from playing on a team.


children playing sports

If your child shows an interest in playing sports, you should encourage them to join the school’s team. It may be one of the best decisions that as a parent you can make for your child. You will need to have them pass a physical to ensure that they have no underlying health issues which may put them at risk. Otherwise, you should encourage your child’s pursuit of sports and playing with a team.




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